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Wellington attractions
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Wellington tourism

Wellington hotels

Wellington Ambulance
For medical emergencies call 111, if not an emergency an Ambulance can be rang on (04 472 2999)

Wellington Banks
Banking hours are from 9am to 4.30pm
There is a branch of the Bank of New Zealand in the city. You can exchange money here or at money exchange centres around Auckland, most are to be found at the southern end of Lambton Quay.

Wellington Climate
Known as the windy city due to it's notoriously blustery winds, which tempers it's climate dramatically in Summer, with the average Summer temperature only sitting on about 20 degrees Celsius. However, the winter temperatures usually stay above 10 degrees Celsius during the day, therefore there are rarely dramatic temperature changes.

Wellington Library
Wellington's Central Library is located on Victoria Street (04 801 4060)

Wellington Medical Services
Medical services are not free to tourists in New Zealand, therefore health insurance is advised.
The City Medical centre is located on the corner of Featherston and Johnston Streets (04 471 2161)
Wellington Hospital is located on Riddiford Street, Newtown (04 384 4944)

Wellington Police Services
In case of an emergency contact 111
The Wellington Central Police Station is located on the corner of Victoria and Harris Streets (04 381 2000)

Wellington Post Offices
The main Post Office is at Waterloo Quay

Wellington Shopping Hours
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm
Some stores have later trading on Thursday or Friday evenings

Wellington Telephones
Phone cards can be purchased at convenience stores
There are plenty of public phones in Wellington and you need to dial 018 for the operator

Wellington Tourist Information
Wellington Visitor Information Centre 101 Wakefield Street, Civic Square (04 802 4860)

Wellington Tours

Wellington Tours

Wellington Car Hire

Wellington Car Hire

Wellington Accommodation

Wellington Accommodation
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