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You’ve heard it: “I just want my website to be #1 on Google. Can you do it quickly?” Well, truth to be told, we’re not magicians – although our clients do describe our work as magical – and we don’t pretend to be one. At Wellington E-guide, we conduct studies, observe the opportunities, and understand your businesses; together, we’ll embark on a journey that will get your business seen and found by people – the right people. That’s what we do. Now, sit tight, fasten your seatbelt – it’s going to be a bumpy ride; but we promise you, it is going to be a worthwhile one. Ready? Click below.

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Everything. The whole lot. Yes, we do it all in-house. And we’re here to help you.


Infinite creativity. Limitless imagination. Unlimited freedom. Together, we can create something incredible. Get your business easily identified, and visually remembered. Let’s build your brand.

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Good design is more than just pretty pictures and flashy animation. Let’s design a visually striking website that impresses your visitors in the blink of an eye. One that works like a dream.

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What’s good about having a good shop if it’s in the middle of the dessert? Get your business seen amongst a mass of other websites. Oh, did we say we do different types of marketing, too?

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Have a look at some of the award-winning work we did with our clients. You could be next.

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A little vanity can’t hurt, and you’ve reached the part where we puff out our chest. Some say these metrics are totally biased; but in the world of marketing, who isn’t?



Together We’re United. Partnership With The Bests.

To expand our services even further, we’re proud to announce that, since 2019, we’ve partnered up with some of the best digital marketing agencies across New Zealand. To start with, we’ve teamed up with this company, which is a digital marketing company in Rosedale, Auckland. Just like us, they do everything from branding, website development, online marketing and business integration. Now what’s not to like about this? If you’re in Auckland and want to grow your business and achieve online success, you’ve got to talk with these guys. We promise you, they’re as awesome as we are. 

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Our Testimonials.

Wellington E-Guide really helped me to grow my flower shop from nothing to something. People do recognise my business; I’m ranking favourably on Google, my social media is growing and I’ve got lots of online orders from my website. Thanks!

Caroline McMahon
A florist in Wellington
For years and years, my website was just totally undiscoverable on Google and I didn’t understand why. I turned into these guys and within a year, I started noticing a significant increase in website traffic. These guys really know what they do!

Michael Cameron
A business owner in Wellington.